Christopher Niquet

francis bacon inspired shot in the movie ‘performance’
anna karina photographed by jean-loup sieff for vogue, 1968
'blood and black lace' directed by mario bava, or as i call it murder in the fashion house.
bette davis has some unfinished business to take care off
beautiful violette d’urso as a maid
sue murray photographed by david bailey for vogue, 1965
lena hall and her 2014 tony award wearing zac posen
blood and black lace directed by mario bava
cosmetics photographed by lee miller
jean shrimpton photographed by helmut newton for vogue, 1966
vivien leigh and arletty in conversation

vivien leigh and arletty in conversation

helena rubeinstein photographed by marie laurencin
claudia cardinale in visconti’s “sarah”